Zamecznik’s Films

We have completed the digitisation of 3 hours of Wojciech Zamecznik’s 16 mm films from 1949-1967. The footage documents family life, artistic meetings and trips, as well as Zamecznik’s exhibitions.

Digitization of Zamecznik’s Posters

The Foundation has completed the digitization of Wojciech Zamecznik’s collection of over 300 posters, photographic studies and mock-ups. A selection of images has been posted in gallery, the complete collection will be made available online soon.
The digitization of Wojciech Zamecznik’s archive has been financially supported under the Digital Heritage program.


Archive Discoveries ZD/02/2010

Research in Zbigniew Dlubak’s archive revealed glass negatives of fairly unknown portraits, among them Witold Lutosławski, Henryk Stazewski and Jerzy Andrzejewski made in 1953. Many of the photographs were reproduced in a handbook for amateur photographers published the same year. more photographs>>>

“Archive Discoveries” – ZD 01/2010

Edward Krasiński and Henryk Stazewski posing for a photograph taken by Zbigniew Dlubak, against the backdrop of their work presented in Gallery EL during the First Biennale of Spatial Forms in Elblag. The now legendary event took place in 1965 at the initiative of Gerard Kwiatkowski, the founder of Gallery EL, and Marian Bogusz.

“Archive Discoveries” – Tadeusz Przypkowski

Numerous friends of Zofia Chometowska visited her at the Drucki-Lubecki family estate in Prochonsk in the Polesie region. Among them was Tadeusz Przypkowski (1905-1977), photographer, bibliophile, and sundial expert. It is said that the blue hat with suns and stars, visible in the photographs, exists to this day…

Apart from Przypkowski the photograph taken during a duck hunt depicts Chometowska herself and an unknown man from the Polesie region steering the boat. It is likely that the photograph was taken by Jakub Chometowski, the artist’s husband and an amateur-photographer.

“Archive Discoveries” – the Mankiewicze estate

Research into the archive of Zofia Chometowska allows us not only to rediscover the artist’s oeuvre, but also yields priceless shots of everyday life in the Polesie region. A found set depicts the one-armed general Carton de Viart who, having abandoned an extremely promising career in diplomacy, settled in Polesie. He was photographed along with princess Izabella Radziwill, who lived in the Mankiewicze estate, during an attempt at capturing a foal.

“Archive Discoveries” - Centro de Arte y Comunicación

Among the materials that make up Zbigniew Dlubak’s archive are catalogues of key exhibitions from the 1970s. Our recent discovery includes publications from Centro de Arte y Comunicación from Buenos Aires. Run by Jorge Glusberg, the CAYC in the 1970s was a significant center of interdisciplinary research on the art of Latin America of the day, which drew upon conceptual practices.

“Archive Discoveries” - ZD/02/2009

The project for the decor of the textile store in Warsaw’s “Koszyki” market hall was hitherto known thanks only to a handful of photographs. The archive has revealed more extensive documentation as well as negatives from subsequent stages of work. The store décor was prepared in 1962 and mentioned subsequently by Urszula Czartoryska, e.g. in her text Photography in the Service of Mercury. On the use of Photography in Commercial Décor [Fotografia w sluzbie Merkurego. O zastosowaniu fotografii w wystawiennictwie handlowym], featured in the magazine "Fotografia (issue 1962 nr 9). Dlubak also prepared plates which were meant to decorate a textile store for women, it is unknown however if the project was carried out.

“Archive Discoveries” - ZD/01/2009

The archive of Zbigniew Dlubak revealed photographic material documenting the last stages of the construction of the 10th Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw. The photographs were apparently taken in the Spring of 1955. The documentation consists of thirty 6 x 6 cm negatives. Dlubak was the creator of one of the bas-relief sculptures which decorated the Stadium.
More photographs >>>